Friday, July 9, 2010

InuYasha My Favorite Old Show (:

This is my new show that i like. It's called InuYasha. Well it's not new its an onld show that you can rarely find on T.V. anymore. I remember i use to love this show so much. And then 1 day i couldn't find it on T.V. anymore. But luckily there is youtube. I'm so happy i get to watch the show once again. And possibly get to get items such as charms for my bad, 2 sew on patches, of Kagome the girl in the school uniform that the guy in red is holding. By the way the guy in red is InuYasha which explains the title name. (: I also might get a necklace that had InuYasha on it. I'm so excited. I hope i get them soon i really want them. Like so badly. Well i hope everyone is having a good week because its finally FRIDAY! YAY! Well hope your week was great and hope you enjoy my post. (: Have a great weekend.

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