Friday, June 25, 2010

The King Of Pop Tribute

The King Of Pop died a year ago on this day but today we are not suppose to be a sad day, today we celebrate the king of pop and remember him in his great times. The King Of Pop is never truely dead no matter what anyone says he is always alive in our hearts. He will always be missed. Always. This guy this man, was a true hero and person, i only hope his kids are doing okay without their father im sure they are very sad today and if they could see this i would tell them i hope you guys are doing well and im so sorry your father passed we all will mis him. And i luv ya guys ur strong kids and they better believe it. Well i'll check in later. I hope every1 celebrates Michael Jackson The 1 and only THE KING OF POP. May his soul Rest In Peace. I love you MJ!

1 comment:

  1. I finally watched "This is It" on Netflix and once again, was impressed with his genious. He was a true artist and a master in his craft.