Saturday, October 3, 2009

Michael Jackson Saturday

Hello everyone, today is Michael Jackson Saturday and you all know what that means always remember MJ for a good man not a bad one because he was and always will be a good man.Today's Michael Jackson 411 is that......The press is finally leaving MJ alone I'm so thrilled and the days are counting down to get your MJ This Is It the movie tickets and you really need to if you wonna see that movie! Well that's all for the Michael Jackson 411 until next time if your an MJ fan and you don't have a ticket you better get one ok well that's all for today. Please do come back to my blog for more MJ info and all of my blessing's go out to his 3 beautiful children Paris, Prince, and Blanket.


  1. Hiya sweety peaty. Beautiful post today. I love MJ Saturday. Have a great day honey.


  2. wishing you a fantastic life..sweetie...and happy blogging..:)

  3. Great Blog! I too luv MJ. I grew up with his music. He will be so missed...

    Happy Blogging!!

  4. Hello Destiniy - I'm Doris and one of your mome's blog friends. I'm the lady that's having the Pet Costume Contest on my blog till next Wendnesday, 10/21/09...I am sad to see Michael Jackson gone, there will never be another talent like his - a very remarkable human being! I can't help feeling a little melancholy when thinking about his life for I really belief he was a very lonely person inside, in spite of all his fame!

    Oh, well... and life marches on!

    I like your blog - as well as your sister's ...nice job!

    Kind Regards,

  5. Happy Blogging,
    I'm a new follower......I already follow your Mom....she is one talented lady. It looks like this is a "like mother, like daughter" combo LOL! I also follow your grandmother....another talented lady. I also follow your mothers Aunt Debbie. In fact she won MY witchy give away! She also sent me a lovely letter today. I am praying for Amy and all of you! Come visit me sometime!!!