Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michael Jackson Thursday

Hello everyone today is Michael Jackson Thursday as you know from my post yesterday the media is totally invading his personal life more than ever now that he's dead it really is sad so their really isn't anything new for our Michael Jackson 411 but, he died on a Thursday but, it isn't a day to be sad it's a day to remember him now and forever more till the end of time and the ends and beyond our lifetimes " The King Of Pop" will live on forever more in our hearts. So have a great Michael Jackson Thursday and a wonderful lifetime, remember never forget him. So continue your lives's because that's what he would have wanted and it's OK to cry he'll always remember his fans today, tomorrow, and forever more! HAVE A GOOD DAY!



  1. What a wonderful Michael Jackson Thursday post. Hope your arms are feeling better I thought you would've talked about your shots, wow how devoted you are to your Michael Thursday, way to go sweety, you are so thoughtful.
    Have a great day tomorrow.

    Fairy hugs,

  2. Oh My Goodness, aren't you the little trooper. Didn't mention your shots at all, just thinking of Michael. You are his truest fan Destiny. I truly believe that. Thanks for the latest update today. Ofcourse we would still love to see the autopsy report and find out where Michael is and where they are going to bury him? He needs some peace in his life. People just need to let him rest in peace and quit nagging on him. So sad they have nothing better to do. Well honey, please take care. I will see you later this afternoon. Hope your arms feel better. Take care my lovey, All my love, Gram