Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rock and Roll Wednesday

Hey everyone today is Rock And Role Wednesday and today everyone should rock out to his music today and everyday just like we should remember him everyday. OK today's Michael Jackson 411 is that Michael's manager was the one to tell Michael's mother Katherine and his kids. The manager had been told from the nurse that he wasn't going to make it and that he was gone. And the manager cried and how the manager had found out was from a fan, and the fan had told him,"Did you know there's an ambulance at Michael's house?" And the manager said that he did not cause he was in Beverley Hills eating lunch when he found out. So when the manager had told Michael's mother they both started to cry no one was happy about this. When he told the kids they cried and you know they didn't know they were in another room at the time so they were pretty upset and sad that they had lost their only parent they ever knew and had. That's all on Michael but, Michael's mother had filed twice for a divorce on Joe Jackson cause he had cheated on her two times but, she backed out both times. And when she was asked if Joe would be a good grandfather she said absolutely. She also said,"All I know is that my son is dead and he didn't die from natural causes." So that's about it the only thing else is that they showed some home videos of Michael with Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs together at his Neverland ranch, and him with his pet the llama too. They also released"Secret" home videos and the kids weren't wearing masks so that wasn't staged and it was private cause it was them at Paris's birthday and all so it was like invading his privacy again. But that's all the for our Michael Jackson 411 today and thank-you for stopping by and make sure to come back for more Michael Jackson 411!



  1. Good Morning Lovey!
    I agree the media has invaded his life and his children's lives of their private moments together. That should never have happened. His private collection was just that, "PRIVATE" and shame on whomever let all of this get out. I totally think Katherine has lost her mind if she thinks Joe shold be a part of these kids lives, as he is bad news. He only wants them for "Making money for himself." That is what he is all about. Money Making Deals. Jackson 3. Michael will come back and haunt him dead. Good Luck Joe. Don't think you are going to be in their lives. Not now or ever! Shame on Katherine. I guess she didn't learn anything with her 5 and now he wants to make another mistake with 3. Love the new look of your blog. Just magical for sure. See ya later honey. Thanks for the 411 update. I love you, Gram

  2. Hello I am so glad to that his mom got custody of the kids, it is great news.

    Fairy hugs,