Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Day For The Whole World To See

Hellow everyone I'm so sorry I haven't posted any posts in a while but I have a whole lot of news for the whole world and by whole world I mean my fellow followers to know that Today is a new day for the world because Michael Jackson was buried September 3, 2009 at Foest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood this is what we all wanted he's not at Neverland and he's put to peice! Hoooray! And guess what I told you all that he was murdered,his death was ruled by the coronor that his death was a homocide and im so happy that we got all of this overwith and now MJ is finally put to peace this is wonderful isn't it?! Yes it is. And MJ's little girl,Paris got her hair cut for the first time ever! And guess what the nanny said,"Sweep it up and put it in a bag." The nanny said that because they could have used the DNA to find out if MJ was really her daddy or not but thats not gonna happen! So I'll let you all in on a secret because I already kept this promise to him. OK I promised MJ Iwouldn't let him get buried on Neverland and Sepetmber 3,2009 kept that promise to him and I was sop happy I could. Well thats it for the Michael Jackson 411 until tomorrow Thank-You for stopping by! And Grams I kept my promise to you!



  1. Sweety what a beautiful post. You are such a great writer. You express yourself wonderfully. I love what you had to say about Michael. Anyone who dies should have their wishes carried out where they wanted to be burried, it is just the right thing to do. I love your beautiful post sweety.

    Hugs and kisses,

  2. Oh sweetie, that was so special of you. He is so happy that he is resting in Forest Lawn Cemetery and not Neverland. We know how he did not want to EVER go back there. He had made that clear many times. We won on that one. Now I was so excited to see the kids out and about, with security ofcourse, but yes out and about. Blanket's hair has gotten very long. He needs a haircut too. Now Paris even visited with a couple of ladies that were also getting their hair done at the salon, and they said she was very polite, and very smart, and just as sweet as she could be. Loved hearing that about her, as Michael would have been so proud. She went on to tell them that she had never had her hair cut, and she loved her new cut. How cute is that?

    Now the coroner report is anything thing. You said you thought that Dr. was crooked and he sure was. He will have to answer for what he has done. He should not have been messing with Michael's life or the medicines that he was giving him. He will have to pay for this mistake. Shame on him.

    Well that's all for now sweet thing. I will talk to you soon. Thanks for the 411 update. I love you, Gram