Monday, July 27, 2009

Terror Tuesday

Boo! HAHA! Hellow everyone i hope you enjoy this post i just love Terror Tuesday it is my favorite Tuesday so dress up scary or just watch Thriller its a hole day of terror just especially for all you viewer's i don't have anything new for the Michael Jackson 411 but were just waiting on the toxicolgy report if it gets released tomorrow them i will make an emergency post just for it when i said tomorrow i ment tomorrow because it's still monday as you can tell from what the time is at the bottom. So loke i said if it comes out tomorrow! Alright that's the Michael Jackson 411 for today! Thanks for stopping by come back for more Michael Jackson 411



  1. Hello lovely daughter, terror tuesday, well let's see what I can find to dress up in. I am not sure what I have but I will see what I can do.

    I love you post,

    Fairy hugs,

  2. Hi Sweetie. I can always count on you for the latest and greatest updates. I'll be waiting on my 411 Michael. Those toxicoloy reports sure do take a long time with famous people to come back. And where is Michael? Have they even burried him yet, or is he still in someone's freezer? What is the deal with that?
    Update me grand daughter. Love Ya, Gram