Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rock And Role Wednesday

Hello everyone! I change the titles around so I might change every Wednesday but just for today. So grab your guitar and a mike and lets get started on our new concert! Here's today's Michael Jackson 411, when the police and detectives went into his house they had found a porcelain doll next to him lying next to him on the bed so maybe his daughter was in there with him and they removed his daughter from the bed or maybe not this could be wrong so I will report with more like I said yesterday if the toxicology reports come out tomorrow I will make an emergency post just for the report. Well thats it for today than you for stopping by please come back for more MichaelJackson 411 reports! Oh and Rock And Role all day long just for him!MichaelJackson!


  1. Hello glade to see your keeping up to date on the Michael 411, I love to stop by and see everything you have written instead of watching the news talking about him in a hateful manner.

    Love the guitar and rock and roll.

    LOVE YA,
    Fairy hugs,

  2. A porcelain doll was found huh. I think that is crazy. I am sure glad I stop in to get my daily update I don't hardly hear anything about him on the news now a days. I did hear yesterday that his Dr. might be in trouble whats up with that?

  3. Oh Luvy, I love this new look. So creative you are. Now you get all the 411 scoop on this porcelain doll. We need to find out what is happening at this point. I don't think they have given us all the information as of yet. We are going to have to keep pressing on in this matter. Have a wonderful day, great post. Great new look for your blog. Love Ya, Gram