Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Mania Monday

Hellow everyone, sorry about not posting sooner my mom has been on the computer and I don't have my one but today is Michael Mania Monday! Okay Michael Mania Monday is all about Michael Jackson! So worship him all day long and, not just today forever! Ok today's Michael Jackson 411 is Michael's mother Katherine is the kids guardian for now and their was no money agreement for the kids or on Debbie Rowe. But what were waiting to here is about if Rebbie and Janet are going to take care of the kids as well, but the Jackson family and Debbie Rowe all agreed to keep Joe Jackson away from the kids so he won't be able to hurt them like every says he hurt Michael. And the toxicology reports should be coming in any day now so we're all waiting for that to. Well that's today's Michael Jackson 411! Please come back and get more info thanks for reading the latest Michael Jackson 411! Please come back again bye!




  1. Hello wonderful girl, yes I finally got down with the computer. Lovely blog as always keep up the wonderful work.

    Fairy hugs,

  2. Hi Luvy! Thanks for the update. I am going with the hope that Janet will get custody. They all love her, and she loves them. She's young so would be around for awhile. I don't know if I believe that Debbie Rowe was not paid off because I believe he paid her a lot of money to go away, and she bought her horse farm and did not want the kids at all. Just my opinion. Now we wait on the toxicology report. I can't wait. Another Michael Jackson fan, Love Ya, Gram