Thursday, September 24, 2009

MJ Respect Day

Hello everyone how are we all doing today? I hope your answer was AWESOME! Well today is Finally Friday yay! But it's not just friday its MJ's Respect Day! WOOOOOHHOOOO! So you all know what that means always respect what you hear but, if it's a rumor you never listen to it because you all know MJ was a great man and hearing all these lies about him just makes me want to cry because it's not true! I know the whole world loved Michael Jackson and I love MJ to he's the greatest pop artist I knew about my entire life. I hope you all take this day and look at all the wonderful things Michael Jackson has done for us because everyone is only focused on the untrue things they say he did!(which he didn't) So please everyone look deep down into your hearts and even if you don't like MJ please don't judge him for the way people thought and lied about what he was like and he wasn't. So everyone once again whether you are or are not an MJ fan please don't judge just please think about how he's helped out our earth we all can call home. Also remeber this was once his home too at one point and once more all my blessings go out to his 3 beautiful children Prince,Paris, and Blanet for MJ was their mother and their father. Well thats all for today and what I wrote was the Michael Jackson 411 and please come back to my blog and visit me always!


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  1. Okay sweety I will take the time and remember him, and love you with all my heart :0) cause I love reading your writting. Lovely post today sweety peety.

    All my love,