Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michael Jackson Thursday!

Today is Michael Jackson Thursday. Today is a special day ,we need to listen to his songs,look at his pics,and cherish the last days he spent on earth. Michael Joeseph Jackson died on June 25th 2009, yes a Thursday but, it is not a day to be sad it is suppose to make you happy and to remember "The King Of Pop" as we did when he was on Earth , we all can call it home. Well thanks for stopping by, please do come back soon the new details on Michael Jackson are just starting to heat up. So do come back for more Michael Jackson 411! And don't forget he will never die in our hearts!

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  1. Good Morning Sunshine!
    Wonderful post. Great music. Michael will forever be in our hearts, as he touched so many lives in his lifetime. His music will live forever, and he will always be the KING of Pop music. He now sings with the Angels. Have a wonderful day. Love Ya, Gram