Sunday, August 2, 2009

Michael Mania Monday

Hello everyone today is Michael Mania Monday sorry about not posting Friday I had nothing to post and my mom was on all day that day.OK today is Michael Mania Monday so worship our "King Of Pop" today and forever. Today's Michael Jackson 411 is that they had found Michael not breathing in Dr. Conrad Murry's bed...they also found an empty IV drip near the bed. They also found the sleeping drug Diprivan in Murry's closet and the toxicology reports have been delayed for a while but, Murry is looking pretty guilty now so they can say Michael was a drug addict or they can say he's not but whatever they say he was never a bad man no matter what everyone else said they can rip up the toxicology reports before or after they say Conrad Murry is a killer, no "The King Of Pop's " killer I dislike him so much. Well that's all for today please come back for more Michael Jackson 411. Thank-you for stopping by!


  1. Good Morning Sweetie. Thanks for the update. I am saying this Dr. Conrad Murry is looking pretty darn guilty. He knew what he was giving Michael was wrong, and he also knew it was illegal. He shouldn't have been doing this procedure, and because of his stupidity, Michael is now lost somewhere. We still don't know what they did with his body. He's floating around somewhere. Well, if you hear anything new, give me a 411 post. Love Ya, Gram

  2. Well your mom was on all day that day huh? I will see what I can do about staying off more so that you can make your Michael updates, after all there are many people in the world needing to hear Michael's story.

    I love you
    Fairy hugs,