Tuesday, July 21, 2009


"Boo!","Did I scare you"? Hi everybody it's TERROR TUESDAY and i want every single person who visists my blog to just think about or pop legend who pasted on June 25th 2009. And for many more days to come never forget Michael Jackson he was one of the greatest enertainters of our time and he always will be no one can forget him because he will never die in our hearts. Well thanks for stopping by please come back and visist me for more Michael Jackson 411 info!


  1. What a wonderful story sweety. I will come back to visit soon. Great blog, way to go on keeping updated with the latest news on Michael Jackson, I won't have to watch t.v. again I have my very own reporter living with me :) I love you have a great day today.


  2. Great Job Destiny!
    You are a poet and don't know it. You are very good with words. You need to keep up your writing this year. It could take you somewhere one of these days. Loved your post today. Boo? No you don't scare me!! I love you, Grammy